Production of Pigs


Agrícola Santa Lucía Ltda.

Agrícola y Ganadera Chillán Viejo S.A.

MaxAgro pig breeding farms are known for their ongoing search for improvement, ensuring our clients with high-quality products in accordance with world requirements. Along this line, our farms have been certified by national and industry entities.

These include:

Pork PABCO Agreement (Livestock Farms under Official Certification): This ensures the sanitary safekeeping of our animals, in addition to monitoring feed processes and veterinary treatments.

Clean Production Agreement for Pigs: Voluntarily-subscribed agreement among several Chilean companies where Maxagro has participated by working on good environmental control of production processes at breeding farms.

Certification for the Control of Dioxins, Furans and dl-PCBs: Industry-implemented program that has, since 2009, ensured the food safety of our products by controlling all processes related to feed and their ingredients, production and sanitary management and wellbeing of our animals, with the production chain starting at our breeding farms.

The production process at MaxAgro takes place in our pig facilities and includes three stages:

Site 1: Gestation (114 Days) and Maternity (21 Days)

Site 2: Rearing (21-75 Days)

Site 3: Finishing (75-175 Days)

This chain ensures better production traceability and biosecurity since the pigs are separated depending on the stage at which they are.

MaxAgro has 10 pig farms: El Espino, Las Pampas, El Peumo, San Guillermo, Santa Lucía, El Boldo, El Quillay, Santa Irene, El Peumo (Chillán) and Rucapequén.