Mission • Vision • Values


We are an agro-industrial company that is dedicated to the production and commercialization of top-quality pork and fruit for the domestic and international market. We have technology that meets international standards which has allowed us to develop our business in a sustainable manner, maximizing growth and profitability and respectful of the environment. We have a team of dedicated and committed staff members who have helped us obtain safe and premium quality products in order to meet the commitments with our clients.


The focus of our day-to-day work is to be recognized by our clients, colleagues, suppliers and authorities as a first rate agro-industrial company for the quality of our products and prestige of our employees, our care for the environment and respect for the communities surrounding us, based on sustainable growth programs that go hand in hand with our stakeholders, our neighboring communities and our family tradition.


Our company has sound human values rooted in our family tradition, committed to our employees, shareholders and neighboring communities. Our transparent way of working has led us to build long-term relationships and generate trust with our clients, suppliers, partners and authorities. We have fostered loyalty, excellence, respect and responsibility inside our organization and we have contributed to the development of the communities surrounding us, promoting care for the environment.