As it is already a tradition, on December 26 we visited the grandparents of the Silvia Ovalle Home where, together with delivering a present, we had an afternoon full of delicious things to share.

The MaxAgro company with over 40 years of experience dedicated to the commercialization of high quality agroindustrial products, for the domestic and foreign market, is one of the most relevant actors in its industry in Chile. In their constant search to improve production processes and the use of clean energies, they inaugurated their first two biogas plants; Las Pampas and Santa Irene, in Region VI, which use a novel animal waste treatment system called Biodigestión, which converts the mixture of water, feca and urine, known as pig slurry, into electrical energy and promises to supply green energy to the same plant where it is located. One of the great advances that comes from this inauguration is that MaxAgro will be able to generate up to 50% of the energy demand of Pichidegua or Palmilla, two of the largest communes of the sector, in Region VI. In addition, this technology significantly reduces the odors of pig plant residues, since it is a hermetic treatment system, which only exposes the waste to the air after being processed by the plant. This initiative is a solution that seeks to avoid critical cases occurring in this type of industry.

The inauguration was a success and was attended by the Minister of the Environment, Maria Ignacia Benítez, who praised the initiative of MaxAgro. For his part, the head of Energy, Jorge Bunster, also stressed how important is the contribution of clean energy to the country.

In addition, two workers from the Santa Irene plant were awarded for their outstanding work. Benito Cáceres and Rafael Palma received the awards.

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MaxAgro in conjunction with the Rancagua Lions Club held this August 24, the first Medical Operation that consisted of free ophthalmological and dental care for the community of El Toco. In addition, a general review of domestic pets was conducted. This operation was carried out at the José Bernales Castillo School and was a great success.

Operativo Médico de el Toco

MaxAgro is committed to carrying out activities that benefit the community!

In order to motivate the practice of sports along with having fun, MaxAgro, in conjunction with the Municipal Sports Corporation of Pichidegua, organized the first MaxAgro-Pichidegua 2013 Race. This initiative is free and is an invitation for the entire community and nearby towns to “put on their running shoes” to practice sports.


In the presence of several local and regional authorities, among them the mayor of Pichidegua, Mr. Adolfo Cerón, MaxAgro donated on April12 an electrocardiograph and two electric medical chairs to the Pichidegua Hospital.


As part of the 86th anniversary of Carabineros de Chile, the town of Pichidegua welcomed on Friday April 19th the ‘Carabineros’ Police Force Band, the highly regarded instrumental band interpreting a range of classical music to popular songs that entertained all of the townspeople. The presentation of the band was organized with support from MaxAgro, an agro-industrial company from the Sixth Region with a sound tradition and strong commitment with its community that prepared this fun activity for the entire family.